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The suffering Amfortas, probably the work's most central figure, is the reflection of a chained Prometheus, just as Parsifal assumes the role of Heracles, and so on.
Amfortas Detlef Roth Gurnemanz Kwangehul Youn Parsifal Christopher Ventris Klingsor Thomas Jesatko Kundry Mihoko Fujimura Parsifal as a Child Marius Adler With: Diogenes Randes, Arnold Bezuyen, Friedemann Rohlig, Julia Borehert, Ulrike Helzel, Clemens Bieber; Timothy Oliver, Martina Ruping, Carola Guber, Anna Korondi, Jutta Bohnert, Simone Sehroder.
Am Ende hat Walther von Stolzing "ein holdes Weib errungen," und Parsifal erlost Amfortas aus seiner qualvollen Verstrickung.
Esa apertura, para Amfortas es brecha, y para Parsifal umbral.)
Whereas in Hanson's cogent analysis it is Oscar Wilde who, in his 1895 trials and subsequent imprisonment and death, provided the model for modern queer subjectivity (and spirituality) in suffering, Morris, regarding the same historical moment, finds Wagner's wounded heroes Tristan and Amfortas "provid[ing] a pattern for homosexual subjectivity" (283).
Esta caida se materializa en el beso a Kundry, mujer que tienta y lleva a la perdicion definitiva al rey Amfortas y a la perdicion parcial al mismo Parsifal, que se vera obligado a peregrinar.
The theme of the healing power of love is one that Wagner made use of in many of his operas, and in his last opera, Parsifal, the wound that will not heal is made explicit in the character of Amfortas. Father Lee believes that Wagner himself was suffering from an unhealing wound of the spirit, one that rendered him, like Philoctetes, hating and hateful.
Robert Hayward's Amfortas, equally powerful, remained a tragic role.
Hitler interpreted the wound of King Amfortas in Parsifal as racial impurity, and was probably misinterpreting Wagner.
Titurel's sire Amfortas won the same race for Brittain in 1996 at odds of 66-1.
The Newmarket handler is in a rich vein of form at the moment - emphasised by Dutch Gold's Chester Vase success on Tuesday - and is hopeful the Amfortas colt can improve on his recent fourth to Shield in the Sandown Classic Trial to book his place in the Vodafone Derby next month.
In his own recent book The Unhealed Wound, Kennedy looks at the ancient Grail myth of Parsifal, the hero who heals the sexual wound of King Amfortas, as a way to understand the sexual problems in the church today.