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industrial town (1991 pop. 8,921), S Ont., Canada, on the Detroit River. Fort Malden, built (1797–99) to replace a post lost when Detroit was ceded to the United States, is now within a national historic park.
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The Diageo plant in Amherstburg facilitates bottling and packaging of Crown Royal whisky.
The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)--a branch of the American denomination founded in Philadelphia in 1796--was formed in Toronto in 1833, Hamilton in 1837 and Amherstburg in 1848.
General Brock was present at the time of Esther's birth, 14 June 1812, and he sent a bottle of wine to the birthing room, at The Searl Hotel in Amherstburg, where Almania worked as a cook.
and 20 provincial cavalry) to recapture Amherstburg and seize any American boats wintering there.
purchased Amherst Quarries, which has two locations, one located south of Windsor, Ontario, the other in the town of Amherstburg.
Montreal, Kingston, the fortified posts from Fort George to Fort Erie on the Niagara River and Fort Amherstburg on the Detroit River were directly threatened as they lay along the best avenues of approach from the United States.
The new "field of dreams" is part of the Amherstburg Sports Complex that includes a variety of other handicapped-accessible facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.
Although they migrated to areas across the region, they disproportionately settled in several communities: near the US border in Amherstburg, Colchester, and Windsor; in St.
Brett Westgarth, who had two separate stints with the Sharks, has retired from pro hockey and is back home in Amherstburg, Ontario.
Environment Canada has confirmed that a band of storms that touched down in Amherstburg, Ont.