Amilcar Cabral

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Cabral, Amilcar


(pseudonym, Abel Djassi). Born Sept. 12, 1924, in Guinea (Bissau); died Jan. 20, 1973, in Conakry. Leader in the national liberation movement of Guinea (Bissau) and the Cape Verde Islands.

Cabral graduated from a lycée in Sāo Vicente (Cape Verde Islands) and an agronomy institute in Lisbon. He was one of the founders (1956) and general secretary of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and the Cape Verde Islands, which since January 1963 has led the armed struggle against the Portuguese colonialists. He wrote many works on the national liberation movement. An honorary doctor of the African Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971), he was active in the movement for solidarity among the countries of Asia and Africa. He was treacherously murdered by agents of the colonialists.


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Amilcar Cabral of Guinea-Bissau was an agronomist who travelled throughout the rural countryside; studying the problems of rural peasants, literacy and health, including cultural traditions and social practices and how these could be factored into building an anti-colonial revolutionary strategy.
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His classic views of the Marxist class struggle lacked the more comprehensive understanding and sophistication of the likes of Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral. Nevertheless, he designed the most ambitious agenda for pan-Africanism.
Nesse caso, tratou-se de uma dupla colonizacao das mulheres, seja atraves das estruturas coloniais de opressao, seja por meio das estruturas patriarcais opressivas, que, na visao de Amilcar Cabral, significava uma profunda necessidade de repensar as estruturas sociais, as relacoes de genero e as relacoes etnicas na Guine-Bissau, a partir da desconstrucao colonial, economica e politica, capaz de romper com os modelos teoricos e epistemologicos existentes (Amilcar CABRAL, 1976; Claudio FURTADO, 2014).
During this period, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver, and other black leaders came to the city; as Amilcar Cabral put it at the time, "Christians go to the Vatican, Muslims to Mecca, and revolutionaries to Algiers." The work connects political optimism and solidarity among movements with what subsequently happened to these men; some became martyrs, others dictators, and one, Mandela, became a worldwide hero.
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