Amilcare Cipriani

Cipriani, Amilcare


Born Oct. 18, 1844, in Anzio; died May 2, 1918, in Paris. Italian revolutionary and socialist.

Cipriani took part in the Revolution of 1859–60 in Italy, the campaigns of Garibaldi in the 1860’s, and the anti-Turkish uprising of 1866–69 on Crete. He was a colonel in the army of the Paris Commune of 1871. Cipriani was sentenced to death after the Commune was crushed, but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment at hard labor in New Caledonia. He was freed by the amnesty of 1881.

In the 1880’s Cipriani served a prison term in Italy. He took part in the congress of the Second International in Zürich in 1893 and the congress in London in 1896. In 1897 he served as a volunteer on the Greek side in the war between Greece and Turkey. Cipriani was a contributor to L’Humanité, a newspaper founded by J. Jaurès.