Amin Said

Said, Amin


Born circa 1890. Egyptian historian and journalist.

Said is the author of several important works on the history of the Arab national liberation movement, works written from a patriotic standpoint and distinguished by their wealth of detail.


In Russian translation:
Velikoe arabskoe vosstanie. Moscow, 1940. (Abridged Russian translation of the book al-Thawrah al-Arabiyah al-kubra, parts 1–3, Cairo, 1933–34.)
Vosstaniia arabov v XX veke. Moscow, 1964.
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Regarding an announcement from the African Union on reaching agreement on the issue Amin said, "We expect that will not take more than two days.
In a statement on his website, Mr Amin said the footage had been "grossly misrepresented".
In a statement on his website, Mr Amin said the footage had been "grossly misrepresented and present an inaccurate picture of the reality of what was happening".
Damascus, SANA-Caretaker Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Samir Kadi Amin said the government encourages voluntary initiatives for easing the suffering of citizens who have been driven out of their homes by terrorist acts.
Amin said the Italian judge had imposed "oppressive measures" by interrupting his statement, which also denounced the STL as a political tool whose backers fuel war and strife in Lebanon.
Though the Rab sit-in started as a peaceful sit-in," Amin said.
There are three groups responsible for these operations, whether planting improvised explosive devices on the Chtaura - Majdal Anjar - Hermel road, firing rockets at Beirut or preparing the bombs," Amin said during an interview with Al-Manar TV.
But Amin said the accusation against her was a plot aimed to denigrate her.
Amin said that Indonesia, which has seen its Islamic banking industry grow more than 40 per cent in the last five years, will not be competing with Malaysia or the Middle East.
Through my art practice, I investigate and question themes such as violence, conflict and war to highlight the complexities of a global ideology in the context of neo-colonialism and aggressive world capitalization, Amin said about the works.
Amin said Nasdak Center is officially authorized by Swiss Time to sell five well-known brands: Tissot, Certina, Cerroti, Rado and Longines.
In his clarification, Amin said, 'At this time, Irena is not seeking additional funding, as it is focusing on creating institutional structure for which the current budget allocation is sufficient.