variant of AmminadabAmminadab
, in the Bible. 1 Aaron's father-in-law. 2 Head of a Levitical family. 3 The same as Izehar.
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References in classic literature ?
He had fancied himself with his servant Aminadab, attempting an operation for the removal of the birthmark; but the deeper went the knife, the deeper sank the hand, until at length its tiny grasp appeared to have caught hold of Georgiana's heart; whence, however, her husband was inexorably resolved to cut or wrench it away.
Throw open the door of the boudoir, Aminadab," said Aylmer, "and burn a pastil.
Yes, master," answered Aminadab, looking intently at the lifeless form of Georgiana; and then he muttered to himself, "If she were my wife, I'd never part with that birthmark.
She could hear his voice in the distant furnace room giving directions to Aminadab, whose harsh, uncouth, misshapen tones were audible in response, more like the grunt or growl of a brute than human speech.
Full-page pictures are followed by one-page commentaries and include the nine scenes from Genesis, four stories from the Old Testament, seven prophets, and fourteen pages of the ancestors of Jesus from Aminadab to Joseph (33 men from the genealogy of Jesus).
One way of approaching the problematic nature of these pieces is to consider the key roles played in each by certain malevolent intruders: the gaping hellmouth that threatens Philip II in El Greco's painting; the ominously diabolical Aminadab who lurks in the final stanza of San Juan's poem; and the disruptive devil that ruins the Numantian sacrificial ceremony in act two of Cervantes's play.
Written in 1942, Aminadab is Blanchot's second novel, and in it he leads us on a journey with his protagonist, Thomas, as he makes his way through a bizarre boardinghouse.
One depicts the Chariot of Aminadab and another the Brazen Serpent; Kessler argues that these serve as Old Testament proof-texts, evidence that God had ordained material instruments for worship.
With her eager consent, and with the help of his assistant Aminadab, "a man of low stature, but bulky frame, with shaggy hair hanging about his visage, which was grimed with the vapors of the furnace," Alymer sets to work in his lab.