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(organic chemistry)
The preparation of amines.
A process in which the amino group (=NH2) is introduced into organic molecules.
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a method of introducting the amino group NH2 into various organic compounds. A typical example of amination is the action of alkali metal amides on heterocyclic bases. Thus, the interaction of pyridine with sodium amide at temperatures of about 200°C leads to the formation of α-aminopyridine (A. E. Chichibabin and O. A. Zeide, 1914):

C5H5N + NaNH2 → C5H4N(NH2) + NaH

Passing benzene vapor with ammonia through an incandescent tube results in a very low output of aniline:

C6H6 + NH3 → C6H5NH2 + H2

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