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Also others such as amine group have been reported by Haung et.
The shift was more for CB 414 relative to CB 411 due to the presence of additional amine groups (from 6PPD).
Formation of stable intermediary compound is also not favored as it may hinder the regeneration of amine groups of chitosan.
A similar reaction between polyurethane linkages and primary or secondary amine groups may occur during aminoglycolysis or aminolysis of PUR (carbamate linkages are produced) [5, 14].
This was explained by the consumption of the more reactive amine group with anther less reactive one.
There is no change of XRD patterns of ATP after aromatic tertiary amine group functionalization and surface grafting of PS, except for the intensity.
The amine group of chitosan play Pivotal role in the antibacterial mechanism of chitosan.
1] was strengthened with addition of the hardener because of the introduction of amine group and hydroxyl group into epoxy resin.
It was shown that the coupling agent (A-187) containing epoxy ring interacts with the amine group of curing agent, and the amine-group containing coupling agent (AGM-9) interacts with the epoxy ring of the binder.
Most of the accelerators used in sulfur cure systems contain an amine group.
pa2] are molar absorptivity and concentration of primary amine group.
As described in Scheme lb, the synthesis route developed in the study is based on the polycondense between two types of groups: the amine group of p-phenylene diamine and the chlorine atom of the boron trichloride.