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Air Seychelles currently operates two Airbus A320 aircraft, both registered under the Seychelles civil aircraft register, and named Amirantes (S7-AMI) and Silhouette (S7-SIL).
About 70 miles west lie the northernmost islands of the Amirantes, one of the outer groups of islands much loved by couples seeking a quiet romantic getaway.
23-26 Mar 1985; BPBM 35567, 3: 15-29 mm, Seychelles, Amirantes, Poivre Atoll, north side, reef, 13 m, rotenone, J.
Desroches Island is part of the Amirantes archipelago, a chain of 25 coral islands.
The outer coral island such as the Amirantes, Farquhar and Aldabra groups low lying and sandy.
The other islands in the Aldabra group, along with the Farquhars and Amirantes (sandy cays to the west and north of Madagascar, respectively) have probably emerged only within the last 15,000 years.
The African carrier's first Airbus A320, Amirantes, has been delivered to Air Seychelles.
The project aims to train a corps of individuals to monitor marine mammals by visual and acoustic methods to capture data on the diversity, distribution and associated behaviour around the inner islands and Amirantes.