Amirkhan Nigmetzianovich Enikeev

Enikeev, Amirkhan Nigmetzianovich


(pseudonym, Amirkhan Eniki). Born Feb. 17 (Mar. 2), 1909, in the village of Novokargaly, in present-day Blagovarskii Raion, Bashkir ASSR. Soviet Tatar writer. Born into a peasant family.

Enikeev began publishing his works in 1926. His most important ones are the novellas Marsh Flower (1955), Secrets of the Heart (1958), and Mirage (1963) and the stories “Sunny Morning” and “Unspoken Testament.” Enikeev is the author of humorous stories exposing petit bourgeois traits of everyday life. His prose is exceptional for its subtlety of psychological description and richness of language. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.


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Saylanma äsärlar, vols. 1–2. Kazan, 1970–71.
In Russian translation:
Serdtse waet: Povest’ i rasskazy. Moscow, 1963.
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Marevo: Povest’, Rasskazy, Moscow, 1968.


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