Amis DExploité

Amis D’Exploité


an organization of Belgian revolutionary Social Democrats (led by J. Jacquemotte), which was formed within the Belgian Socialist Party (BSP) in 1919 to support the weekly Exploité (hence the organization’s name), which was founded by left-wing Social Democrats during that same year.

Amis d’exploité opposed the intervention of the imperialist powers in Soviet Russia, and it criticized the opportunistic, conciliatory line of the BSP’s right-wing leadership, although they remained formally within the party until May 1921. In February 1921 the second congress of Amis d’exploité expressed its support of the Third International. The third congress (May 29, 1921) adopted a resolution on the creation of a communist party. On Sept. 3–4, 1921, a merger took place between the communist party formed on the basis of Amis d’exploité and the previously existing Belgian Communist Party (founded in 1920). They formed the unified Communist Party of Belgium.