Amish Church

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Amish Church:

see MennonitesMennonites
, descendants of the Dutch and Swiss evangelical Anabaptists of the 16th cent. Beliefs and Membership

While each congregation is at liberty to decide independently on its form of worship and other matters, Mennonites generally agree on certain
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As with all Amish church hymns, this is a free rhythm (a flowing rhythm with no set meter), sung slowly at J = 69.
Numerous texts reflect still other concerns, both great and small, facing later nineteenth-century Amish church leaders.
There were relatively few regrets--though some lingering nostalgia--about having left the Amish church. (49) Exposure to other ways of life makes exit more feasible.
"Being Amish born, raised Amish and still belong [sic] to the Amish Church, I wish to protest against the many misrepresentations of that novel," Yoder wrote in 1938.
The latter is described as the growing diversity among Amish church groups as codified in their Ordming or church discipline.
(32.) James Landing attributes the migration to Amish wanting to escape the "Beachy Amish tendencies." Indeed, an abortive attempt to start a King Amish church in Dover occurred the same summer as families migrated to Catlett, Va.
The community-building activities of new Amish settlements can be glimpsed in reporters' dispatches in The Diary, in news items in The Budget and Die Botschaft, and in the histories of new settlements that appear in various directories of Amish church districts and households.
In an autobiographical piece (written with the help of Susan Fisher Miller), Hostetler summarizes major influences in his life, including the painful story of his father Joseph Hostetler's excommunication from the Amish church in the Big Valley of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.
Displaying a firm grasp of the theological underpinnings of the Amish churches Stevick begins with a fascinating if short history lesson.