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Greenland: see TasiilaqTasiilaq
, formerly Ammassalik
, settlement and trading post (1996 pop. 1,684), E Greenland, on the Denmark Strait just S of the Arctic Circle. It was founded in 1894. Its radio-meteorological station (est. 1925) is the oldest on Greenland.
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The patient, a 40-year-old man, who resided in Greenland all his life, lived in Isortoq (population 100), a small settlement in the Ammassalik area (population 3,000) of eastern Greenland (Figure).
An iceberg melts off Ammassalik Island in Eastern Greenland in this picture from July 19, 2007.
The team will also meet teachers and students from Ammassalik so they can learn about each others cultures.
1914, << The Ammassalik Eskimo >> I, Meddelelser om Gronland, 39, 7 : 319-755.
l Greenland Trek - 15 days circumnavigating Ammassalik Island, enjoying breathtaking glacial scenery, walking 6 to 8 hours a day at up to 900m.
Greenland Trek - 15 days circum-navigating Ammassalik Island, enjoying breathtaking glacial scenery.
The tagging was carried out in the fjords of eastern Greenland at Ammassalik in September 1990, in the fjords of southwestern Greenland from Cape Farewell to Godthaab Fjord in January 1987-88, in the fjords of northwestern Greenland from Disko Bay to Upernavik during July-August 1986-98, and off western Greenland from Davis Strait to Baffin Bay during May-August 1991-93 (Table 1, Fig.
The far off settlement of Ammassalik at the other end of the Inuit world, on the east coast of Greenland, was only discovered in 1884.
Team Scotland is ecstatic - so far I've been relentlessly ribbed for staying in the only hotel in Ammassalik.
Its Husky Sledge Adventure in Greenland is based in and around Ammassalik, where you can venture on to the pack ice and try ice hole fishing.
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After the group have landed they will spend a couple of days getting acclimatised before the start of the race in Ammassalik from July 22-27.