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ammonium nitrate,

chemical compound, NH4NO3, that exists as colorless, rhombohedral crystals at room temperature but changes to monoclinic crystals when heated above 32°C;. It is extremely soluble in water and soluble in alcohol and liquid ammonia. It is prepared commercially by reaction of nitric acid and ammoniaammonia,
chemical compound, NH3, colorless gas that is about one half as dense as air at ordinary temperatures and pressures. It has a characteristic pungent, penetrating odor.
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. Major uses are in fertilizersfertilizer,
organic or inorganic material containing one or more of the nutrients—mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and other essential elements required for plant growth.
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 and explosivesexplosive,
substance that undergoes decomposition or combustion with great rapidity, evolving much heat and producing a large volume of gas. The reaction products fill a much greater volume than that occupied by the original material and exert an enormous pressure, which can be
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. For fertilizers it is in the form of small clay-coated pellets. For explosives it is sometimes mixed with other substances, e.g., TNT, so that it is more easily detonated. It is also used in solid-fuel rocket propellants, in pyrotechnics, and in the production of nitrous oxide.
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Ammonium Nitrate


(NH4NO3) the ammonium salt of nitric acid. Colorless, hygroscopic crystals. Ammonium nitrate is a strong oxidizing agent; when dry, it is exploded by detonators. Three brands, A, B, and V, are produced in the USSR. Brands A and B are used in industry in explosive mixtures (ammonites). Brand V is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in the USSR; it is effective, containing about 35 percent nitrogen, and exhibits physiological acidity. Various conditioning additives are added to brand V to decrease its hygroscopicity and caking tendency. Ammonium nitrate is used for all crops and in all types of soils as the main fertilizer and as a supplement.

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ammonium nitrate

[ə′mōn·yəm ′nī‚trāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
NH4NO3 A colorless crystalline salt; very insensitive and stable high explosive; also used as a fertilizer.
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Rehman Malik said an executive order has been issued two days ago to check and regulate transportation and distribution of material (Ammonia Nitrate) used in making IEDs.
According to NBA members, ammonia nitrate is now being delivered on farm at around pounds 292 a tonne compared with about pounds 200 in December 2009, the price of 20-5-5 compound is about pounds 300 compared with pounds 210, and 20-10-10 is being purchased for pounds 320 when it was being delivered for around pounds 230 exactly 12 months ago.
Spokesman of the security information center Brigadier Yahya Rasool said in a press statement that a force of the military intelligence in the 20th Division, seized a cache of materials involved in the manufacture of IEDs and mortar rounds, in one of the houses in Badush area north of Mosul." "The cache includes 200 kg of soda, 150 kg of carbonate, 75 kg of ammonia nitrate, 25 kg of sodium sulphate, as well as 300 mortar fins, 250 local rocket fins, 500 mortar propellants, 63 mortar valves and mortar shells "./ End
However, we believe this should be partially offset by higher nitrogen fertiliser sales (+5% QoQ to 627 tonnes), as well as a strong pricing environment across nearly the entire product range - prices for ammonia nitrate (AN), which contributed 27% of Acron's 2Q12 sales, grew 7% QoQ to $331/tonne, while NPK prices (34% of sales) increased 2% QoQ to $459/tonne.
Two tenders for the transport of (a) containers from Alexandria Port to the factories in El Tebbin, also (b) pure ammonia nitrate from El Tebbin to Alexandria Port.
GrowHow UK, which employs 200 workers at its factory in Billingham, Teesside, was forced to stop production of ammonia nitrate at the start of the month following a severe downturn in demand.
It noted that it found (10) tons of ammonia nitrate, which is used in the manufacture of explosives in a school.
Supply of one million white transparent sacks for the packaging of ammonia sulfate and one million red transparent sacks for the packaging of ammonia nitrate. Ref.
Ammonia nitrate, urea, and polyamide sales growth contributed the most to the overall YoY revenue increase, resulting from higher volumes and prices, while caprolactam sales volumes decreased due to more volumes being processed internally into polyamide.
Today's photograph shows firemen cooling down the axle box of a rail wagon loaded with sacks of highly explosive ammonia nitrate on Carlisle's London Road siding.