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Ammonium persulfate, sodium persulfate, potassium persulfate, and the other types could be explored in persulfate in the forecast period.
At 65[degrees]C, a thermal catalyst, ammonium persulfate (APS) was added to the reactor and reactants were mixed via a magnetic plate with adequate mixing maintained throughout the reaction.
Polyaniline was synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline in the presence of hydrochloric acid and ammonium persulfate. A 1 M of aniline was dissolved in hydrochloride solution.
Ferric chloride (Fe[Cl.sub.3] x 6[H.sub.2]O), ferrous chloride (Fe[Cl.sub.2] x 4[H.sub.2]O), ammonium hydroxide (N[H.sub.4]OH), vinyltrimethoxysilane ([H.sub.2]C=CHSi[(OC[H.sub.3]).sub.3]), N-vinylcaprolactam ([C.sub.8][H.sub.13]NO), and ammonium persulfate ([(N[H.sub.4]).sub.2][S.sub.2][O.sub.8]) were obtained from Aldrich.
To mimic the gel breaking process under the reservoir condition, the cross-linked guar was mixed with 100 ppm (0.01 wt.%) ammonium persulfate as the gel breaker.
Finally, magnetic gelatin, 200 mg of acryloyl-[beta]-CD, and 10 mg of ammonium persulfate were gradually added and the mixture was incubated at 37[degrees]C for 12 h.
Persulfate Market by Type (Ammonium Persulfate, Sodium Persulfate, and Potassium Persulfate) & Application (Polymers, Electronics, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Pulp, Paper and Textile, Water Treatment & Others) - Global Forecast to 2020
QCS-PAA nano particles was synthesized according to (Khedr, M.A., et al., 2012) as in case of obtaining CS-PAA nanoparticles based on an electro static induced interaction between the high positively charged prepared QCS and negatively charged acrylic acid (AA), with the ratio of 1 mole QCS and 1 mole (AA) next 0.1 g of ammonium persulfate (APS) in 10 ml [H.sub.2]O was added to the QCS-AA solution with continuous stirring at 55-57[degrees]C for 1hr.
Acrylic acid (>99.5%, Acros Organics), NaOH pellets (Sigma Aldrich), ammonium persulfate (APS, 98%+, Sigma Aldrich), and potassium disulfite (KDS, Sigma Aldrich) were used without further purification.
In order to obtain the objectives, a nanocomposite containing poly (acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile) and silver nanoparticles was firstly synthesized by using ammonium persulfate as the initiator and methylene bisacrylamide as the cross-linker.