Amorim, Enrique

Amorim, Enrique


Born July 25,1900, in Salto; died there on July 28, 1960. Uruguayan writer.

Amorim wrote novels about the life of the peasantry—The Cart (1933), The Settler Aguilar (1934), and The Horse and Its Shadow (1941). Amorim’s sympathy for the progressive movement of the people was reflected in his political novels—Twelve Moons Over Neuquen (1946), Comedians’ Fair (1952), and Victory Does Not Fall Into Your Hands (1952)—which are protests against social injustice.


Después del temporal. Montevideo, 1953.
Los montaraces. Buenos Aires, 1957.
La desembocadura. Buenos Aires, 1958.
In Russian translation:
Korral’ Ab’erto. Moscow-Leningrad, 1961.


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