Amosov, Ivan Afanasevich

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Amosov, Ivan Afanas’evich


Born Nov. 12, 1800, in Arkhangel’sk; died June 1, 1878. Russian shipbuilder, engineer-general (1872).

Between 1832 and 1860, Amosov built a great number of different types of ships, including the 74–gun ships Fershampenuaz, Konstantin, and Vyborg and the frigates Avrora (56 guns) and Prozerpina (54 guns). In 1846–48, while working at the Okhta Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg, Amosov built the first Russian propeller frigate, Arkhimed (Archimedes), with a steam engine of 300 horsepower (220 kilowatts) and a two-blade screw propeller. As shipbuilding inspector at Kronshtadt in 1860–73, Amosov played a great role in raising the combat effectiveness of the Baltic Fleet and in improving the navigational qualities, armament, and durability of ships. Many ships built by Amosov were technologically among the best of his time.

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