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see adenosine monophosphateadenosine monophosphate
(AMP) , organic compound composed of an adenine base, the sugar ribose, and one phosphate unit. AMP is one of the possible products of the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and is therefore important in the transfer of chemical energy during
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Abbreviation for ampere, the basic unit for electrical current.






The International Standard unit for electrical current. A unit of the rate of flow of electric current; an electromotive force of 1 volt acting across a resistance of 1 ohm results in a current flow of 1 ampere.


1. an ampere
2. Informal an amplifier


(mathematics, tool)


(networking, tool)


(1) See ampere and amplifier.

(2) (AMP) (Accelerated Mobile Pages) See Google AMP.

(3) (AMP) (Alternate MAC/PHY) See Bluetooth AMP.

(4) (AMP) (Apache MySQL PHP) See LAMP.

(5) (AMP) (AMedia Player) The first MP3 player, developed by Tomislav Uzelac at the University of Zagreb in 1997. Subsequent media players used the AMP designation such as AmigaAMP and Winamp. See media player.
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Wilson staked out his territory as an up-and-coming techno-thriller writer with Robopocalypse, and Amped confirms what readers already knew: Wilson's high-concept storytelling isn't as concerned with weighty issues (in this case, the essential humanity of augmented humans) as it is with the flash-and-bang-marking society's inevitable breakdown.
We are delighted to partner Sony Music to offer more than one million of the latest music tracks to 200,000 AMPed customers, providing them with endless hours of multimedia entertainment--an experience that money can't buy.
The AMPED 360 interactive display can be categorized as fitting between a printed sign or poster and an internet device.
To make a ponytail with texture, start by working in a product like Wella's Bonk Amped ($5, at drugstores) while your hair is damp.
A member of the European Community Trade Marks Association, Mr Armitage is seeking protection for Microsoft's latest games and console, including XBOX, Halo, Zoo Tycoon, AMPED and Crimson Skies.
Either way it looks like old Marshall is plugged in and amped up for a major Irish show before the rain sets in again.
The audience hollered as DJDP One scratched records with his fingers, elbows, and knees in Amped Up.
Already solid numbers and yet, he amped it up in the Finals where he normed 14.
The band's lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi, was apparently amped to play there.
Valentine told ABC News Radio that the 35-year-old musician was amped up for the wedding as he has found his one match in Prinsloo.