Amphibious Tank

amphibious tank

[am′fib·ē·əs ′taŋk]
A vehicle mounting a howitzer or cannon, capable of delivering direct fire from the water as well as from land; used in providing early artillery support in amphibious operations.

Tank, Amphibious


an armored, tracked combat vehicle capable of crossing water obstacles under its own power and of waging battle on land and water. The tank is made buoyant by a hermetically sealed body of the required interior volume. The tank is propelled on the water by such devices as screw propellers, caterpillar tracks, and hydrojet units.

The first amphibious tank, the T-37, was adopted by the Red Army in 1932. By 1940 it was replaced by the T-38 and T-40. During World War II (1939–45), the US armed forces used amphibious tanks for fire support of landing parties in several landing operations. After the war, amphibious tanks became common in the armed forces of many countries.

The PT-76 amphibious tank has been developed by the USSR. It weighs 14 tons, has a crew of three, and travels 44 km/hr on an unobstructed road and 10 km/hr in the water. Its armament consists of a 76-mm cannon and a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. The armored hull is welded from individual sheets of special armor steel. The turret can be traversed by manual or electric power control, thus providing a 360° field of fire. The tank has two hydrojet engines located in the engine compartment along the sides of the body. In case of battle damage, the hydrojet units can operate as bilge pumps.


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Among other recruits were Hilda Leech, a "neurotic" woman who passed on secret jet aircraft research, and Edgar Whitehead, a astrologer who had seen an amphibious tank being tested in a Welsh swimming pool.
Coleman is almost blind - the result of a chorioretinitis infection he contracted while fighting with the 56th Amphibious Tank & Tractor Battalion-Elite in the Korean War - which made the meticulous procedure of lifting him into his seat of the plane even more laborious.
Members of Congress are fighting a rear-guard action to save a Marine Corps amphibious tank from cancellation, foreshadowing a protracted fight in Washington over defense-spending priorities.
His amphibious tank made it all the way across the Rhine before it got hit.
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has unveiled the eight-wheeled amphibious tank called an Argo Cat and a remote-controlled mini-helicopter just before the wild fires peak season takes hold.
They added that they had not realised how desperate the situation was in the swamped city until being rescued from the dome in an amphibious tank.
David said: "Josie had been evacuated from the Superdome in an amphibious tank under armed guard.
Fireman's Fund, which also provided entertainment insurance for the movie, was involved with everything from overseeing the safe transporting of a vintage WWII amphibious tank insured for $1 million from Camp Pendleton to making life-saving inspections.
Dad Niel then took over, driving an S21 Gvozdika, a Russian amphibious tank.
Aboard an American "Fantail" amphibious tank, the vessel broke down under heavy enemy fire and the eight-strong crew was forced to shelter unarmed in a nearby house.

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