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The amplitude characteristic of previously described filter function is described by
1(b) for the two cases, is the ratio between the largest (occurs at extremes frequencies outside the bandwidth) and smallest (occurs at the center frequency) amplitude characteristic values.
The minimum losses, which enable a flat amplitude characteristic, are 18 dB.
However, if the output power is measured at the fundamental frequency, the amplitude characteristic shows that the output level increases beyond 27 dBm to saturate at 2.
This proves that phase characteristics are better than amplitude characteristics to generate bits in a low SNR environment.
The SR14D tandem roller is built with an articulated frame and static amplitude characteristics designed for top surface pavement treatment, and a high-frequency (67 Hz) vibratory design for use on thin layers.
The amplitude characteristics of the active pickup (pendulum and electronics) is
It is necessary to trigger on these transient phenomena and the only way to do this is by triggering on changes in both the frequency and amplitude characteristics.
In either Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel applications, the device may be placed in repeater mode such that recovered serial data is re-transmitted synchronously to a recovered clock, providing reduced jitter and improved amplitude characteristics.
Different spatial amplitude distributions of pressure fields were estimated by plotting maximum amplitude characteristics versus coordinate x.
Assuming that s1 series is input to the filter and s2 series is its output, the amplitude characteristics of filter has low-pass character with dominating frequency.
The amplitude characteristics of the filter are illustrated in Figure 2 for the minimum, median and maximum frequency settings.