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Third, because of its increasingly serious financial crisis by late FY 1994, Amtrak initiated substantial service cutbacks (e.
The contest, taking place from June 15, 2011 to July 4, 2011, will follow the Travelocity Roaming Gnome as he passes through eight destinations across the country on Amtrak Trains.
Were excited that our cardholders will now be able to purchase Amtrak tickets, said Ricardo Leite, Vice President of Global Commerce for Discover Financial Services, the parent company for Diners Club International.
Moorman noted in fiscal year 2016 Amtrak had record ridership of more than 31 million passengers and ticket revenues of $2.
Amtrak passengers and rewards members who open one of the new BofA credit cards can take advantage of perks that include a complimentary companion coupon, class upgrades and a single-day ClubAcela pass.
These new cards are perfectly matched with the Amtrak Guest Rewards program improvements we recently announced and mark an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional value to our loyal passengers,' said Matt Hardison, Amtrak's chief marketing and sales officer.
CSX, Norfolk Southern and Amtrak are working to restore service on their networks on the East Coast in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy's damage to transportation infrastructure.
The GOP assault on Amtrak reflects the worst instincts of Republicans, who seem oblivious to its resurgent popularity.
In addition, Amtrak can begin to retire some of its oldest cars still in service that date back to the 1940s and 1950s.
The agreement was signed on June 30, 2009 and continues a long-standing relationship between IBM and Amtrak, dating back to 1994.
Amtrak continues to serve as a critical piece of the transportation puzzle in the Northeast Corridor, and its recent record-breaking ridership numbers reflect its importance.
The report said when passengers are delayed waiting for freight fines to pass, Amtrak often loses them as customers.