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the National Railroad Passenger Corp., authorized to operate virtually all intercity passenger railroad routes in the United States. Amtrak was created by Congress in 1970 in response to more than two decades of continuous operating deficits by privately run passenger railroads; over 100 of the nation's 500 passenger railroad lines at the time had filed discontinuation-of-service petitions with the Interstate Commerce CommissionInterstate Commerce Commission
(ICC), former independent agency of the U.S. government, established in 1887; it was charged with regulating the economics and services of specified carriers engaged in transportation between states.
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. Given an initial funding of $40 million and $100 million in federal loan guarantees, Amtrak was designed to be a profit-making, quasipublic enterprise. Its board of directors includes three representatives of labor states and business appointed by the president, two representing commuter authorities, and two representing stockholders of the corporation's preferred stock. Amtrak began operation in 1971, reducing the number of intercity passenger rail routes by one half, retaining service mainly in areas of high density travel. Amtrak now runs up to 300 trains per day to 500 stations over 21,000 route miles, and carries nearly 26 million passengers a year, mainly in the Northeast and on the West Coast. It owns 730 miles, mostly in the Northeast corridor, while contracting with private railroads to run in the rest of the nation.
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Three Amtrak Guest Rewards points for every $1 spent with Amtrak
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1 -- 2) An Amtrak train bound for Santa Barbara slammed into a stalled big rig, above, pushing it into two cars and a motorcycle, shown below.
APPEARANCE OF PROGRESS The most salient fact about Amtrak is that it loses huge amounts of money on most of its routes.
The battle over Amtrak trading shifts to the appropriations process, where Amtrak must compete with other transportation programs for a share of the limited pot of money designated by the budget resolution.
Joseph Vranich, a member of the Amtrak Reform Council, and Edward Hudgins of the Cato Institute, have taken note of what Amtrak has realized for all these billions: perhaps three-tenths of one percent of all intercity passengers.
Amtrak is also making it easier and more affordable to get to natural destinations, instead of just watching them go by.
Amtrak now needs additional public financing and has asked Congress to create a trust fund for its capital requirements.
Now, by clicking on the "En Espanol" button on the Amtrak home page, or logging onto Espanol.
Whether it's a trip to college, a business trip with colleagues, a girls' weekend, or a dream vacation across the country, Amtrak takes you there.
The re-introduction of full china service, and the move away from disposable plastic dinnerware, is one result of a comprehensive Route Performance Improvement (RPI) analysis undertaken by Amtrak to enhance Coast Starlight customer service, product quality and market performance.
BRISTOL, England, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Amtrak Express Parcels has completed the integration of Nightspeed, the overnight parcel carrier that it acquired in 2005.