(Samsonovo prior to 1962), an urban-type settlement in Khodzhambas Raion, Turkmen SSR, on the right bank of the Amu Darya River, 3 km from the river. Amudar’ia is a station on the Karshi-Termez rail line and has railroad transport enterprises. There is also a Karakul sheep-raising sovkhoz. The population of Amudar’ia is 4,700 (1968).



(Åmudär’yä), literary and artistic periodical. Published in the town of Nukus in the Kara-Kalpak language. Organ of the Union of Writers of the Kara-Kalpak ASSR.

Amudar’ia has been published since 1932, with an interruption from 1941 to 1955. Its original name was Miynetädebiyäti (Literature of Labor); in 1934 it was changed to Awdarïspaq jalïnï (Flame of Revolution), and in 1935 to Jengis qawazi (Voice of Victory). From 1939 to 1958 it was called Qaraqalpaqstan ädebiyätï häm iskusstvosï (Literature and Art of Kara-Kalpakia), and in the years following, Amudar’ia.

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C[pounds sterling]Unusual demographic explosion in Central Asian in the background of shortage of water resources, ongoing climate changes, insufficient regulation of numerous water flows, and primarily Amudaria, make these water problems especially critical in the given densely populated region,C[yen] Rahmon added.