Amvrosievka Camp

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Amvrosievka Camp


a camp and concentration of bones from the epoch of the late Paleolithic era on the right bank of the Krynka River near the town of Amvrosievka in the Donetsk Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR. Excavated in 1935, 1940, 1949, and 1950. The enormous accumulation of bison bones (about 1,000 items), among which are found sharpened bone tips for lancings and flint inserts for the tips, is of special interest. Some investigators (P. I. Boriskovskii) view the bone concentration as a cult site where the bones of bison killed in the hunt were brought, while others (I. G. Pidoplichko, V. I. Bibikova) view it as the site where herds of bison were stampeded to their death as they were being hunted.


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