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Anadyomene is not of concern at this time because it is not a large algae, its biomass is low, and, so far, it only occurs attached to Digenia simplex.
Morphology and taxonomy of Anadyomene species (Cladophorales, Chlorophyta) from Bahia, Brazil.
Sir Timothy Clifford, director general of the National Galleries of Scotland, adds: "We are deeply indebted to all the funding bodies that made it possible for Venus Anadyomene to be acquired for the national collection and are dedicated to ensuring the work is enjoyed by the widest possible audience.
The Venus Anadyomene is considered to be one of the outstanding mythological paintings of Titian's early maturity and, as part of the Venus Rising exhibition, Renaissance art will be introduced to new audiences by the gallery's learning team.
Last year, the National Galleries of Scotland scored a notable triumph with the acquisition, partly in lieu of estate duty, of the Duke of Sutherland's Venus Anadyomene by Titian.
Twelve important paintings by Titian will be showcased--including Venus Anadyomene, which featured as APOLLO'S Acquisition of the Year in December 2003--alongside outstanding examples by his contemporaries including Bellini, Bassano, Tintoretto, Veronese and Bordon (for an article on Paris Bordon, whose rediscovered Christ and the Centurion is one of this show's revelations, see pp.
So did the Holy Family with St John the Baptist--a fine enough work, but the least impressive of the group--and the Venus anadyomene (Fig.
When it comes to painting sensual female nudes, Correggio is Titian's main rival in the first half of the sixteenth century, and the obvious comparisons are between the standing Venus in Correggio's so-called School of Love and Titian's Venus anadyomene, and between the reclining Venus in Corrreggio's so-called Jupiter and Antiope and the foreground nude in Titian's Bacchanal of the Andrians.