Anadyr Lowland

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Anadyr’ Lowland


located in northeastern Asia in the Chukchi National Okrug, Magadan Oblast, RSFSR. It extends east to Anadyr’ Bay and is bounded on the west by the Pekul’nei and Rarytkin ranges. Length, 270 km; altitude, up to 100 m.

The Anadyr’ Lowland is composed of alluvial and lake sands and loamy soils. A plains relief predominates with some monadnocks and hilly massifs (Zolotoi Range and Ushkanii Ridge); the lowland is drained by the Anadyr’, Kanchalan, and Velikaia rivers. The entire area is perennially frozen. There are many thermal karstic and ancient lakes. The vegetation is large-bush and hassock tundra with grassy meadows. There are alder and willow bushes in the east and dwarf cedar pines in the west. Poplar forests appear in the pebbly floodplains.


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