analog video

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analog video

The original video recording method that stores continuous waves of red, green and blue intensities. In analog video, the number of rows is fixed. There are no real columns, and the maximum detail is determined by the frequency response of the analog system.

VHS and Basic Cable
The term is often used to refer to VHS videotapes, non-digital broadcast TV and non-digital cable TV. Contrast with digital video. See analog camera, raster and video format.

Analog Video Connections
Composite, S-Video and component video are the three types of analog video connections found on A/V equipment. For more details, see composite video, S-Video and component video.
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The fast switching of analog video in an automotive application is based on the assurance that the video sources will maintain a constant and correct timebase.
Single-mode NENP SC connectors with -55 dB reflectance were also included for the analog video system evaluation.
This reasonably priced peripheral, the top-of-the-tine product from Dazzle--a company offering a variety of media digitizing products, allows you to convert analog video from a VCR, TV or other video source into digital video via FireWire.
Once captured, either analog video or digital video will need to be edited and converted to a type of file called an MPEG-2 file.
The digital technology also improves the quality of their videos and saves substantial maintenance costs by eliminating many of the expensive and cumbersome maintenance procedures required by analog videos.
The DV CODEC maintains a 100% digital communication between digital video equipment and the DV500, as well as providing extremely high quality encoding for analog video.
of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced a fiber optic transmission system for analog video, audio, and data: the Math Fiber Optics Pure Digital, One Fiber point-to-point system.
The encoders digitize analog video signals and send them over an IP network, creating a cost-effective, versatile way to integrate analog cameras and glean the key benefits of analog video.

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