Ananian, Vakhtang Stepanovich

Ananian, Vakhtang Stepanovich


Born July 26 (August 8), 1905, in Pogos-Kilisa, now Shamakhian, of Dihzhan Raion, Armenian SSR. Armenian Soviet writer. Member of the CPSU since 1928.

Born into a peasant family, Ananian became a Komsomol worker, then a journalist. His first novella, In the Circle of Fire (1930), depicted episodes of the Civil War. He published collections of sketches— On the Battlefield (1946), After the War (1947)—then six volumes of Stories of a Hunter (1947–1966) and novellas—On the Shore of the Sevan (1951) and Prisoners of Barsov Canyon (1956). Ananian’s prose is colorfully romantic, and his narrative style is lively and gripping. His works have been published in many languages. He is also author of the scientific work The Animal World of Armenia, vols. 1–4 (1961—67).


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In Russian translation:
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