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A surgical communication made between blood vessels, for example, between the portal vein and the inferior vena cava.
An opening created by surgery, trauma, or disease between two or more normally separate spaces or organs.
(science and technology)
The union or intercommunication of parts or branches, such as blood vessels, streams, or leaf veins. Also known as inosculation.
A network of parts or branches created by the process of anastomosis.
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in animals, connections between nerves, muscles, and blood or lymphatic vessels. Anastomoses between arteries and veins, without the formation of capillary networks—that is, arteriovenous anastomoses—are of importance in regulating the blood supply of organs. In clinical practice, anastomosis is the name given to a connection between tubular organs which is artificial or has arisen as a consequence of disease. In higher plants, anastomosis is the connecting of tubular structures—for example, veins in leaves and branchings of latex vessels. In fungi, anastomosis is the connecting or concresence of two mycelium hyphae with the establishing of intercommunication between them. This occurs with an insufficiency of food and plays a role in the formation of diploid mycelium and the heterokaryon of haploid mycelium, since the cell nuclei move from one cell into another through the anastomoses.

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Leak of anastamosis and late operative complications can be seen.
Using the superior approach, the scar is concealed in swimsuits and undergarments but the pedicle length is shorter than the inferior approach, making the anastamosis more difficult.
She immediately transferred the dog back to the hospital where she performed lifesaving splenectomy and intestinal resection and anastamosis with the assistance of human trauma surgeons, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, and other surgical staff.
Duarte et al undertook a very careful analysis of cough response to both saline instillation and mechanical irritation to the airways both above and below the level of the anastamosis at different time points following transplantation.
In addition, a mixing and flow-related delay may result as a saline bolus, entering the AVF from the distal needle, is initially moving towards the arteriovenous anastamosis. After mixing, bolus flow reversal will occur as the access blood flow washes the bolus away from the anastamosis towards the sensor in the more proximal line.
Elective resection and anastamosis for colorectal cancer: a prospective audit of mortality and morbidity.
The SVC is formed by the anastamosis of the left and right brachiocephalic veins in the superior mediastinum.
Egan's business card provides what Miller would call the anastamosis, that is, the line that joins two characters, "like a telephone line" (44).
The anterior and posterior humeral circumflex vessels have branches that directly penetrate bone; other arteries contribute through anastamosis systems with the circumflex vessels.
Repair of peripheral nerve injuries is limited by the growth of neuromas and fibrous tissue into the anastamosis. This results in incomplete regeneration and thus incomplete return of neurologic function.
Todhunter et al (9) observed a reduction in lumen diameter of oesophagus on 15th and 30th day postoperatively and an increase between 30th and 40th days during healing process following cervical oesophageal resection and anastamosis in equines.
A potential anti-cancer action of these agents is reinforced by observations in familial multiple polyposis cold that the NSAID sulindac causes regression of rectal polyps following ileorectal anastamosis [28].