Anatolii Petrovich Bulanov

Bulanov, Anatolii Petrovich


Born Aug. 5 (17), 1858, in St. Petersburg; died Oct. 1, 1918, in Saratov. Russian revolutionary Narodnik (Populist).

Buianov was the son of a bureaucrat. Upon graduating from the Naval School in 1879, he served as an officer of the fleet in Kronstadt and Revel. He carried on revolutionary work according to assignments of the Chernyi Peredel (General Redistribution) organization. During 1880-81, after the first nucleus of the Chernyi Peredel collapsed, Buianov retired and was one of the main figures of the new center of the Chernyi Peredel in St. Petersburg. In autumn 1881 he joined Narodnaia Volia (People’s Will). He was arrested in Moscow in 1882 and exiled to Eastern Siberia for five years. In 1888 he returned to European Russia. Buianov remained a Narodnik in his convictions, but he was no longer active politically.