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Extra-abdominal DT can cause unique clinical problems in relation to its critical anatomic position. (2-5) Although surgery is the mainstay of therapy, multimodal treatment including partial or complete excision followed by radiation, chemoradiation, or hormonal therapy can be effective.
* These leadless cardiac and venous devices depend on correct anatomic position for proper function, which is evaluated with radiologic imaging.
(36,54,55) Under arthroscopic visualization, the anatomic position of the meniscal root is identified , debrided, and prepared for repair.
All fractures healed in an anatomic position. There was no failure of fixation, loss of reduction, or need for secondary surgery, including hardware removal.
Type II--Hernias are pure paraoesophageal hernias (PEH); the gastrooesophageal junction remains in its normal anatomic position but a portion of the fundus herniates through the diaphragmatic hiatus adjacent to the oesophagus.
The definitive treatment includes surgical restoration of normal anatomic position of the stomach with repair of any hernia defects.
With respect to the rear entry guide, it is a device that is useful for assisting the surgeon to place the ACL in an anatomic position, but this device is not a perfect one.
An open reduction through a medial parapatellar incision was utilized to dislodge the patella anteriorly into an anatomic position. ElMaraghy and Michels each similarly reported vertically rotated irreducible patella dislocations; however, these cases were not the result of a direct blow to the knee but rather a result of low energy indirect mechanisms, similar to the mechanism ofour patient presented in this case.