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2014) studied reproductive organs of the females and found that urethra seems to have its external orifice at the top of the clitoris rather than the vestibule of the vagina commonly found in domestic mammals (International Committee on Veterinary Gross Anatomical Nomenclature 2012).
The terminology applied strictly follows the last revision of the Latin anatomical nomenclature, as analyzed in our previous papers [4-6].
While the premise - the first world problems so beloved of social media in particular - was loose, the set itself was tight, a rapid-fire round of related topics hitting everything from parenting dilemmas to the intricacies of anatomical nomenclature.
Its history goes back to 1895, when the first Latin anatomical nomenclature was published as Basilensia Nomina Anatomica.
All gross anatomy terms in this edition reflect the most recent anatomical nomenclature approved by the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology, and 24 appendices have been added, on topics like abbreviations and acronyms, classifications of diseases and conditions, charting, and guidelines for infection control.
I used the model in my classroom to introduce the concepts of anatomical nomenclature.
The names of the structures should be indicative of morphological traits that guide the reader about a location, its forms or function and the eponyms should be suppressed (International Anatomical Nomenclature Committee, 1989; Federative Committee Anatomical Terminology, 2000)
1987) ao nos referirmos aos ramos do nervo hipoglosso estudados, visto que estes nao estao contemplados na International Comitte on Veterinary Gross Anatomical Nomenclature (1994).
The description of each point includes the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) terminology, Western anatomical nomenclature, exact location, indication, depth of needling, function in TCM, and clinical tips.
As estruturas foram denominadas com base no que preconiza o Handbook of avian anatomy: nomina anatomica avium e a Veterinary Histological Nomenclature, editado pelo International Commitee on Avian Anatomical Nomenclature, editado pelo International Commitee on Avian Anatomical Nomenclature, World Association of Veterinary Anatomists (1994).
Illustrated veterinary anatomical nomenclature, 2d ed.