Binomial Nomenclature

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binomial nomenclature

[bī′nō·mē·əl ‚nō·mən′klā·chər]
The Linnean system of classification requiring the designation of a binomen, the genus and species name, for every species of plant and animal.

Binomial Nomenclature


the designation of plants, animals, and microorganisms by a double name—by genus and species. Binomial nomenclature was introduced by C. Linnaeus, who systematically used it in the tenth edition of his Systema Naturae (1759). All the generally accepted zoological and botanical nomenclature in Latin comes from this work—for example, Betula pubescens (white birch), Cervus elaphus (red deer).

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The lake behind Rufaysah Dam has only sparse fringing vegetation and the water level was relatively low when the authors visited on 21 June 2013, but a number of Odonata species were present along the silt and rubble banks, including Ischnura senegalensis (mating), Anax imperator, Anax parthenope (attacked and driven off by A.
A visit by Feulner in early June 2010, at an exceptionally low water level, recorded Ischnura evansi, Ischnura senegalensis, Anax imperator, Anax parthenope, Crocothemis erythraea, Diplacodes lefebvrei, Orthetrum sabina, Trithemis arteriosa and Trithemis kirbyi.