Anchor bolt

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anchor bolt

[′aŋ·kər ‚bōlt]
(civil engineering)
A bolt used with its head embedded in masonry or concrete and its threaded part protruding to hold a structure or machinery in place. Also known as anchor rod.
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Anchor bolt

A bolt with its head embedded in the structure; used to attach a structural member, such as securing a sill to a foundation wall.
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anchor bolt, foundation bolt, hold-down bolt

anchor bolt
1. A steel bolt usually fixed in a building structure with its threaded portion projecting; used to secure frameworks, timbers, machinery bases, etc.
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The drilling TV detection results show that the roof anchor bolt was anchored into the full rock stratum and cannot provide a sufficient anchoring force; therefore, the supporting resistance of anchor bolt on the roof stratum can be neglected.
[12] Anchor Bolt Design Guide" by Process Industry Practices PIP STE05121, 2006
Equipment load are transferred on supporting beams through stud anchor bolt. The strength of anchorage is related to its embedment or development length into the supporting beams.
Forces were transferred to the sheathing through friction and anchor bolt bending during the test.
Intimate contact with compressor bedplates and a high coefficient of friction between the epoxy chocks and machinery bedplates help to prevent anchor bolts from working loose, thus assuring excellent maintenance of alignment.
Pedestal, wall and flush mount bases are easily installed with four anchor bolts. Additional features include quick mount winch bracket with single clevis style pin; bushing along the bottom of the mast, providing smooth and easy 360degree crane rotation while under load; and, rotational lock plus base extension for an additional 15 inches of height if needed.
The company says the RackCage is supplied flat-packed in panels for easy on site assembly, and is made up by: front double doors; 2 x side panels; 1 x back panel; top roof panel; set of 10- Nyloc assembly bolts and set of 3 - 10mm floor anchor bolts. The company says the unique design means that there is no requirement to attach the cage to the existing frame which might affect the integrity of racking and it is simply secured by bolting to the floor through the base frame of the 2 side panels and back panel.
This will allow installation of structural features such as form work, rebar, embedded anchor bolts, electrical conduit, steel plates and piping.
The contract worth P104.76 million involves the replacement of gantry anchor bolts that run through 23 kilometers of the LRT line 1's original section from Baclaran in Pasay to Monumento, Caloocan.