Anchor bolt

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anchor bolt

[′aŋ·kər ‚bōlt]
(civil engineering)
A bolt used with its head embedded in masonry or concrete and its threaded part protruding to hold a structure or machinery in place. Also known as anchor rod.

Anchor bolt

A bolt with its head embedded in the structure; used to attach a structural member, such as securing a sill to a foundation wall.

anchor bolt, foundation bolt, hold-down bolt

anchor bolt
1. A steel bolt usually fixed in a building structure with its threaded portion projecting; used to secure frameworks, timbers, machinery bases, etc.
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This main rebar has another anchorage at the bottom in the form of a 90o L-bend designed to withstand the developed force of the anchor bolt that is in- turn transferred to the main reinforcement.
The typical forces and arrangement of the anchor bolt system is shown in the figure-4.
At the level of the floor sheathing, another nonlinear spring is incorporated for the purpose of representing the two effects of the oversized anchor bolt hole and the anchor bolt bearing on the plywood sheathing.
When all the holes are drilled, tap anchor bolts into each one and set the railing in place (Photo 7).
For the purposes of this investigation, detail 1 was tested in two ways: 1) as incomplete (detail li), with the foundation anchor bolt present but the thru-rods absent; and 2) as the complete connection (detail 1c), with both foundation anchor bolts and thru-rod hardware.
Any under- or over-tensioning of each patented anchor bolt is indicated immediately by the position of an indicator pin to visual reference marks.
Cut the pressure-treated sole plates for the 2x4 wall assemblies, then set them inside the line and measure the anchor bolt distance as shown.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of anchor bolt for isro as per specification and tender.
The company says the RackCage is supplied flat-packed in panels for easy on site assembly, and is made up by: front double doors; 2 x side panels; 1 x back panel; top roof panel; set of 10- Nyloc assembly bolts and set of 3 - 10mm floor anchor bolts.
The principal advantage, according to the company, comes from the use of cement-grouted mechanical anchor bolts with expansion heads allowing for immediate installation of mesh, thus saving significant time.