Middle Comedy

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Middle Comedy


ancient Greek comedy of the fourth century B.C. Middle Comedy depicted everyday life and such common types as the cook, fishmonger, and parasite; it also parodied myths or the treatment of myths in tragedies. The names of about 50 authors of Middle Comedy plays are known, and fragments and titles of about 700 plays have been preserved.


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In light of new high quality editions of Greek texts and English translations of ancient Greek comedy, essays were commissioned from scholars identified only by name to discuss the works of Aristophanes and the fragments of his rivals and successors.
Teachers looking for a general introduction to ancient Greek comedy are likely to reach for Kenneth Dover's venerable Aristophanic Comedy (University of California Press, 1972) or Douglas McDowell's Aristophanes and Athens: An Introduction to the Plays (Oxford University Press, 1995).
In Aristophanes' ancient Greek comedy, "Lysistrata," the Trojan women attempt to tame their men by such a work action.

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