Henry James Sumner Maine

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Maine, Henry James Sumner


Born Aug. 15, 1822, in Kelso, Roxburgh; died Feb. 3, 1888, in Cannes, France. British jurist and legal historian.

A Scot by birth, Maine studied at Cambridge University, where from 1847 to 1854 and again from 1887 he was a professor. At the same time, he practiced law. From 1863 to 1869 he was a member of the council to the governor-general of India and served as vice-chancellor of the University of Calcutta. Maine was a professor at Oxford University from 1869 to 1887. In his research he used the comparative-historical method. On the basis of a study of Hindu, Roman, German, ancient Irish, and Slavic law, he endeavored to create a comprehensive picture of the development of law and early social institutions among the Indo-European peoples. Maine applied the basic aspects of G. L. Maurer’s communal theory to many peoples.


In Russian translation:
Drevnee pravo .... St. Petersburg, 1873.
Derevenskie obshchiny na Vostoke i Zapade. St. Petersburg, 1874.
Drevneishaia istoriia uchrezhdenii: Lektsii. St. Petersburg, 1876.
Drevnii zakon i obychai: Issledovanie po istorii drevnego prava. Moscow, 1884.


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References in classic literature ?
The only use of the declaration was to recognize the ancient law and to remove doubts which might have been occasioned by the Revolution.
Nicholas looked at the ugly clerk, as if he had a mind to reward his admiration of the young lady by beating the ledger about his ears, but he refrained, and strode haughtily out of the office; setting at defiance, in his indignation, those ancient laws of chivalry, which not only made it proper and lawful for all good knights to hear the praise of the ladies to whom they were devoted, but rendered it incumbent upon them to roam about the world, and knock at head all such matter-of-fact and un-poetical characters, as declined to exalt, above all the earth, damsels whom they had never chanced to look upon or hear of--as if that were any excuse!
Du-seen rose not so long ago," he said, "that I do not recall him well, and recently he has taken it upon himself to abrogate the ancient laws of Caspak; he had had intercourse with the Kro-lu.
LEGUME A Lawfully begotten B One skilled in ancient law C Vegetable used as food who am I?
This decision must be reversed immediately for the upholding of the ancient law and safety of all citizens.
God's 10 Commandments takes a fresh look at this ancient law and shows its eternal relevance.
Despite there being an ancient law about light, there is no right to light.
Alas, Edward's cousin Irina (Maggie Grace) mistakenly identifies Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) as an immortal child - an abomination under ancient law.
And while the current situation points to elections either being held under this ancient law, or to an automatic extension of Parliament, governments across the region have managed to hold elections and votes on time over the last year, with only a few hiccups to be reported.
FORMER Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has welcomed a call by the Law Commission to scrap an ancient law that prohibits criticism of a judge.
According to ancient law, a house built on common land overnight - "tye unnos" in Welsh - could be claimed by its builder, so long as it had four walls, a roof and smoke coming from the chimney before sunrise.
Even if there is such an ancient law on the statute books, the point is that it is not enforced; Canada, like Britain, has many republicans, and many people who openly mock and insult the British royal family (though I hasten to add that I am not among them).