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Turkey: see AnkaraAnkara
, city (1990 pop. 2,533,209), capital of Turkey and Ankara prov., W central Turkey, at an elevation of c.3,000 ft (910 m). Turkey's largest city after İstanbul, Ankara is primarily an administrative city, but it is also an important commercial, industrial, and
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(8) Basil of Ancyra, De virginitate tuenda, in J.P.
The Ancyra Okuzgozu 2011 is made from one of Turkey's most important grapes which is known for its intensity.
113-133; ID., The Reaction against Marcellus of Ancyra ...
There have been no redundancies due to the closure of nursing care at Longwood Grange and staff have been placed at Ancyra's other two care homes Woodfield Grange Nursing Home, Halifax and Roberttown nursing home, Roberttown.
En route to Ancyra, the Macedonian army crossed a region best described as an utter wasteland.
Some of awarded wines are: Pendore Syrah 2008, Pendore Bogazkere 2008, Pendore Okuzgozu 2008, Prestige Bogazkere 2004, Ancyra Muscat, Ancyra Narince, Egeo Cabernet Sauvignon, Egeo Cabernet Sauvignon ?Merlot, Egeo Syrah, Vin-Art Carignan Alicante, Vin-Art Kalecik Karasi Syrah, Lal and Tatli Sert Narince 1999.
Sin embargo, la investigacion ha descubierto un Syntagma Canonum en griego, redactado en torno al 380 en Antioquia que contenia los canones de Nicea, Ancyra, Neocesarea, Antioquia, Gangra y Laodicea.
The history of sexual violations of Roman Catholic clergy and church response has been well preserved in church documents from the Council of Ancyra in 315 to the 2001 document, De delictis gravioribus, authored by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.
He describes a reversal of fortune activated by Patrophilus in which the bishop reported to Constantius the deeds of Basil of Ancyra, thereby earning exile for Basil and pardon for those that Basil had banished.
Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the former Roman outpost of Ancyra, which lay on the land trade route between Baghdad and Constantinople.
3 del Concilio de Ancyra (314 d.C.), donde se refiere a aquellos que, bajo la persecucion de Diocleciano, se encontraron implicados, contra su voluntad, en el culto pagano: <<ellos no deben ser alejados de la comunion ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII])>> (1).