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the indigenous population of the Andaman Islands. Exact number unknown; according to some data, several hundred. They speak Andamanese languages.

The Andamanese are dwarfs (average height of men, 148 cm; of women, 138 cm). They belong to the Negritoid anthropological type. According to Indian census data of 1931, there are two surviving groups of tribes (the Jarawa and the Onge), which are divided into exogamous groups. The occupations of the Andamanese are hunting, foraging, and fishing. The religion of the Andamanese is characterized by worship of spirits of nature.


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It also indicates that Doyle portrays the mild-mannered Andaman islanders as cannibalistic.
It seems to me that the Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean have the right idea - which is to be happy with your natural way of life and not allow any tourists to invade the space you occupy because this will only lead to the destruction of the natural habitat, imbalance in the ecology and eradication of your accepted way of life.
Radcliffe Brown's The Andaman Islanders, which would steer the discipline of anthropology away from the white supremacist, evolutionary cultural ideologies informing the ethnography of the past.