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A 28-year-old female Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) housed in an outdoor exhibit at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA, began showing signs of weakness.
Dr Emily Shepard The Andean Condor is one of the largest flying birds in the world.
Andean condors will receive a helping hand with deliveries of supplemental food-marine mammal carcasses that have naturally washed up on beaches.
There are two species of condor, the Andean condor and the California condor.
The Andean condor (right) from South America is the heaviest bird of prey.
As the California condor population dropped into the double digits in the 1970s, park specialists began practicing condor preservation with the not-so-rare Andean condor as the "guinea." After four years of perfecting breeding, incubation techniques, and simple feeding and husbandry, research personnel were ready for the Andean condor's almost extinct California cousin.
Attended by their human handlers, the feathered stars of the show include Rosie, an Andean Condor; Barty, a Bearded Vulture; Nikita, a Steller's Sea Eagle; Poppy, and the Peregrine Falcon.
The Andean condor habitat will be removed and the condors moved to a habitat on the west side.
The 500 animals include: a snow leopard, Humboldt penguins, Mississippi alligator, Andean condor, scarlet macaw, Chilean flamingo, great grey owl, bactrian camel, European brown bear and lots of meerkat ?Zoo grounds: At the end of the 19th Century a Manchester surgeon Dr Walter Whitehead bought 37 acres of woodland, near what are now the rock and water gardens.
At the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, keepers report that a male alligator and Andean condor have starting their respective mating behaviour three months early.
But there have been other beauties, such as a vermilion flycatcher, an Andean condor and a burrowing owl.
The Andean Condor SSP has provided over 70 condors for release into the wild in Colombia and a few in Venezuela over the past 15 years.