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1 City (1990 pop. 59,459), seat of Madison co., E central Ind., on the White River; inc. 1838. It is a manufacturing center in a fertile farm area; food products, aircraft parts, furniture, and industrial fabrics are produced. There also are call-center operations and horse racing and gambling. The city's industrial growth began with the discovery of natural gas in 1887. The automotive industry was established in 1901 and became the city's largest employer, but it declined in the late 20th cent., leading to a major population loss as well. Anderson Univ. is there. The city has a fine-arts center and a symphony orchestra. Nearby Mounds State Park has numerous prehistoric mounds. The Moravians operated a Native American mission nearby (1801–6). 2 City (1990 pop. 26,184), seat of Anderson co., NW S.C.; settled in the 17th cent., inc. 1828. The commercial center of a farming and livestock area, its industries include the manufacture of electronic equipment, machinery, paper and plastic products, and textiles and apparel.


river, c.465 mi (750 km) long, rising in several lakes in N central Northwest Territories, Canada. It meanders north and west before receiving the Carnwath River and flowing north to Liverpool Bay, an arm of the Arctic Ocean. The village of Staton is at its mouth.
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1. Carl David. 1905--91, US physicist, who discovered the positron in cosmic rays (1932): Nobel prize for physics 1936
2. Elizabeth Garrett. 1836--1917, English physician and feminist: a campaigner for the admission of women to the professions
3. John. 1893--1962, Australian philosopher, born in Scotland, whose theories are expounded in Studies in Empirical Philosophy (1962)
4. Dame Judith, real name Frances Margaret Anderson. 1898-- 1992, Australian stage and film actress
5. Lindsay (Gordon) 1923--94, British film and theatre director: his films include This Sporting Life (1963), If (1968), O Lucky Man! (1973), and The Whales of August (1987)
6. Marian. 1902--93, US contralto, the first Black permanent member of the Metropolitan Opera Company, New York
7. Philip Warren. born 1923, US physicist, noted for his work on solid-state physics. Nobel prize for physics 1977
8. Sherwood. 1874--1941, US novelist and short-story writer, best known for Winesburg Ohio (1919), a collection of short stories illustrating small-town life


a river in N Canada, in the Northwest Territories, rising in lakes north of Great Bear Lake and flowing west and north to the Beaufort Sea. Length: about 580 km (360 miles)
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