Anderson, Judith

Anderson, Judith (b. Frances Margaret Anderson)

(1898–1992) actress; born in Adelaide, Australia. She made her stage debut in Sydney, Australia, in 1915 and launched her American career three years later. Her long association with Broadway began in 1922. Notable for her portrayals of powerful women, her interpretations of Lady Macbeth and of Robinson Jeffers's Medea helped her earn the sobriquet of "First Lady of the American theater." Her credits include 29 motion pictures and many television series, among them Santa Barbara (1984–87).
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Seated l-r: Mary Midkiff, Edna Anderson, Judith Smith, Julia Hardcastle; standing l-r: Charles Baker, Dr.
The late 1990s witnessed Mark Thornton Burnett's Masters and Servants in English Renaissance Drama and Culture, which treats popular literature and the non-Shakespearean canon; it was not until 2005 that critics such as Michael Neill, Linda Anderson, Judith Weil, and David Evett oriented the topic toward Shakespeare.
Ray Anderson, Judith Andrews, Scott Bearb, Leonard Bernard, Lynn Bowie, William Brossette, James Brown, Rachelle R.