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carapa, crabwood, Surinam mahogany, West Indian mahogany

A pale to reddish brown wood of South America and Africa; moderately hard and heavy, with straight grain and medium texture; used for general construction and in plywood.
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This creamy, light texture, smooth and fragrance-free base formulation contains andiroba oil, which has showed a six-hour efficacy In repellency against mosquito vectors of tropical diseases.
Fotossintese e potencial hidrico foliar de plantas jovens de andiroba submetidas a deficiencia hidrica e a reidratacao.
This is on top of its moisturizing formula that's created through a mixture of andiroba, buriti, shea and avocado oils.
Injectable doramectin and andiroba oil (Carapa guianensis Aubl.) had been used on 41 (43.62%) and 37 (39.36%) of the animals, respectively, and use of fenbendazole paste was also reported in relation to 16 animals (17.02%).
Five vegetable oils including andiroba (Carapa guianensis), buriti (Mauritia flexuosa), castor (Ricinus communis), pequi (Caryocar brasiliense), and tucum (Bactris setosa) were evaluated for lipase production as substitutes for olive oil.
Carapa guianensis, which is popularly known as andiroba, belongs to the family Meliaceae.
No Brasil, entre os produtos processados destacam-se: mel, suco de laranja concentrado, compotas de frutas, extratos vegetais secos, cafe (soluvel, torrado e moido), barras de cereais, castanha de caju, acucar mascavo, hortalicas processadas, oleo de babacu, arroz, urucum e oleo de andiroba, oleos essenciais e guarana em po (Batalha & Buainain, 2007).
Aceite de andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aubl) en la captura de la mosca de las frutas (Anastrepha fraterculus Wiedemann), en Guayaba Serrana (Acca sellowiana (Berg) Burret).
Similar results were observed in plants of Andiroba (C.