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La razon es que el juicio de Andocides estaba basado en la profanacion de los Misterios en el 415.
The symbolism is clear and significant if reference is made to the three dramatic impiety trials in Athens in 400 / 399 BC--the trials of Socrates, Andocides and Nicomachus.
(51.) The Agariste who testified as a witness to the profanation of the Mysteries (Andocides 1.16) also comes to mind.
(11.) Stokes points out that even "oh Athenians" as an opening address "is absent from the extant Andocides, Antiphon and Isaeus, occurs only twice in Lysias, and is relatively unusual even in Demosthenes." (STOKES, 1997, p.
In part 1, the author provides, consequently, chapters on archaic "media of memory" such as epinician (victory poems) and lyric verse (Pindar and Simonides), tragic drama (Aeschylus' Persians), and epideictic and deliberative oratory (here Lysias' funeral oration and Andocides' On Peace).
The final chapter looks at the impiety trials of Andocides, Nichomachus, and Socrates, and at the restoration of democracy after the terror of The Thirty.
(4) Prose: epistolography: Demosthenes, Isocrates and Plato (dub.); historiography: Thucydides, Theopompus and Xenophon; oratory: Aeschines, Andocides, Antiphon, Demades, Demosthenes, Hyperides, Isaeus, Isocrates, Lysias, Lycurgus; philosophical prose: Aristotle, Plato and Xenophon; technical treatises: Aristotle and Xenophon.