André Martinet

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Martinet, André


Born Apr. 12, 1908, in St.-Alban-desl’illards, department of Savoie. French linguist.

Martinet studied at the universities of Paris (the Sorbonne) and Berlin. He has been a professor at Columbia University (1947-55) and the Sorbonne (since 1955). He has been president of the International Auxiliary Language Association (1946-48) and of the Linguistic Society of Europe (since 1966). He was one of the founders of Word (1945), a journal of linguistics. Martinet formulated the basic tenets of functional phonology and introduced the principle of the study of entire systems in diachronic phonology; in particular, he described the mechanism of phonological chain reaction and a number of .other factors in phonetic change. He wrote works on Indo-European phonology and morphology and the Romance, Germanic, Celtic, and Basque languages.


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