André Parrot

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Parrot, André


Born Feb. 15, 1901, in Desandans, Doubs. French archaeologist.

Parrot conducted excavations in the Middle East—in Tello and Larsa (Iraq; 1931–67) and in Mari (Syria; 1933–68). In 1959 he became secretary-general of the government commission for archaeological excavations, and from 1968 to 1972 he was director of the Louvre.


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Archéologie mésopotamienne, vols. 1–2. Paris, 1946–53.
Ziggurats et Tour de Babel. Paris, 1949.
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Sofia, SANA -- "Every person has two homelands… His own and Syria", Bulgarian Alfa TV borrowed the famous dictum of the French historian and former director of the Louvre Museum Andre Parrot as a prelude to its documentary "Syria..
By contrast, at the time of writing no such happy return has been reported in connection with the Head, which unsurprisingly featured prominently in Andre Malraux's singularly 'museum-without-wallsish' preface to Andre Parrot's book on Sumer, which was published in 1960 as part of a series entitled 'The Arts of Mankind'.
Director of the French Mission Pascal Peterlan said the opening of the center coincides with the Mission celebration of 75 years of work in Mari site and with launching the 47th campaign for excavation and restoration of the site, pointing out that the archeological missions which started work on 1933 by the French archeologist Andre Parrot up till now prove the deep-rooted Syrian-French friendship and both sides keenness on joint cooperation.