André Vaillant

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Vaillant, André


Born Nov. 3, 1890, in Soissons. French linguist. Specialist in the Old Slavonic language. Professor at the École Supérieure in Paris. Vaillant’s chief works are on historical grammar, historical lexicology, and the etymology of the Slavic languages, including Russian. He is the author of A Guide to the Old Slavonic Language (1948; Russian translation, 1952).


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The composer, Andre Vaillant, was active both in the French city of Valenciennes and in Mons.
Macedonian language scholars add that these specifics were also pointed out by the great French linguists Andre Masson and Andre Vaillant in the early 20th century.
Tonight, the Frenchies, led by Capt Andre Vaillant, borrow some of that Brit stiff-upper-lip when they learn they're being moved from Colditz.
Robert had, however, prepared a Greek text of his own with a French translation and had obtained from Andre Vaillant a handwritten French translation of the Old Church Slavonic version of the Martyrdom.
They are presenting software and hardware for interactive TV and/or CD-Roms," said Andre Vaillant, MIP-TV's program manager.