Andreas William Heinesen

Heinesen, Andreas William


Born Jan. 15, 1900, in Thorshavn. Danish writer. Member of the Royal Danish Academy (1961).

Much of Heinesen’s work deals with the Faeroe Islands. The poems in such collections as Arctic Elegies (1921) and Songs of the Vernal Depths (1927) extoll the harmonious merging of man with nature. Heinesen has also written the realistic novels Noatun (1938) and Good Hope (1964). His short-story collections include The Magic Light (1957) and Medicine Against Evil Spirits (1967). The Black Pot (1949; Russian translation, 1974) is a social novel about World War II. Heinesen’s novel The Lost Musicians (1950; Russian translation, 1974) is devoted to questions of aesthetics.


In Russian translation:
[“Rasskazy.”] In the collection Datskaia novella XIX-XX vv. Leningrad, 1967.
[“Rasskazy.”] In the collection Sovremennaia datskaia novella. Moscow, 1971.


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