Andrei Andreevich Teliatevskii

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Teliatevskii, Andrei Andreevich


Died 1612. Russian political and military figure of the early 17th century. Prince; boyar (from 1599).

Teliatevskii helped defeat the troops of the First False Dmitrii near Dobrynichi in January 1605, and when his army sided with Dmitrii near Kromy, he fled to Moscow. Under Dmitrii’s reign, he was in disfavor.

In 1606, Teliatevskii was a voevoda (military governor) in Chernigov and joined the uprising led by I. Bolotnikov, who, according to some sources, had previously been his military bondman. He defeated government troops near Venev in February 1607 and near Tula in March. He headed a campaign to aid Bolotnikov’s army, which was under siege in Kaluga, and in the course of the campaign won a battle near Kaluga in May. He fought in a battle on the Vosma River on July 5–7,1607, in which the rebels were defeated. According to some sources, Teliatevskii was turned over to Tsar Vasilii Ivanovich Shuiskii upon the surrender of Tula on Oct. 10,1607.

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