Andrei Evgenevich Rozen

Rozen, Andrei Evgen’evich


Born Nov. 3(15), 1800, in Mentaka, Estland Province; died Apr. 19 (May 1), 1884, in the village of Viknine, now in Kharkov Oblast. Decembrist; lieutenant in the life guards of the Finnish Regiment.

In late 1825, Rozen joined the Northern Society of Decembrists, becoming affiliated with its republican wing. He took part in the preparation of the uprising. On Dec. 14, 1825, he attempted to persuade the Finnish Regiment, which Nicholas I had called upon to suppress the uprising, to take a neutral position. Rozen was sentenced to ten years at hard labor (reduced to six years), which he served in the Nerchinsk mines and from 1832 in an exile settlement. In 1837 he was assigned to the Caucasus as a private. Released from military service for reasons of health, Rozen lived in Estland Province from 1839 under police surveillance. From 1855 he lived in Kharkov Province, where he participated in the implementation of the Peasant Reform of 1861. For six years he was a mediator of the peace (mirovoi posrednik). Rozen wrote memoirs and a number of articles on the Decembrists (Notes of a Decembrist, 1907).