Capa, Robert

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Capa, Robert

(kăp`ə), 1913–54, American war photographer, b. Hungary as Andre Friedmann. He came to Paris in 1933 and from that time on recorded with profound concern the spectacle of humanity caught in war. In 1936 he covered the Spanish civil war, taking the photograph of a Loyalist at the instant of death that has become a classic. In 18 years he covered five wars; the result is a powerful and very personal indictment of war. In 1946, Capa helped found Magnum, a select agency for photojournalists. His books include Death in the Making (1938) and Images of War (1964). Capa was killed in Vietnam by a Viet Minh land mine while photographing French combat troops.


See biography, Blood and Champagne (2003), by A. Kershaw.

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Los defensores de Capa han intentado salvarlo por la via de la compasion: finalmente, no hablamos del mejor fotografo deguerra del mundo: en ese momento, Capa, o Ernest Andrei Friedmann, si se prefiere, es solo un joven de veintitres anos con una Leica al hombro y unas ganas locas de conseguir la foto de la Guerra Civil espanola (despues vendria la Segunda Guerra Mundial --de donde proviene su celebre recuento del desembarco de Normandia-- y Vietnam --donde murio, en 1954, al pisar una mina).