Andrei Ivanovich Korobitsin

Korobitsin, Andrei Ivanovich


Born 1904 in the village of Kurakino, now Korobitsino, Siamzha Raion, Vologda Oblast; died Oct. 21, 1927. A Red Army frontier soldier of the fourth outpost of the first commandant’s office of the Sestroretsk Detachment. Member of the Komsomol from 1927. Son of a poor peasant.

Korobitsin entered the border troops in 1926. On Oct. 21, 1927, while on one-man border duty, he engaged in an armed fight with four saboteurs, was wounded three times, and died. In the same year the outpost was named after Korobitsin, and in 1937 the village of Kurakino was renamed Korobitsino. A monument to Korobitsin was erected at the place of his heroic exploit in 1957 and another one in his native village in 1966.